Google Gears for 64-bit Linux

While this isn’t really news at this point, I figure spreading the word can’t hurt. I use Gmail and several of the other Google applications (calendar, reader, docs, etc). Google has added offline support to a few of these apps via their Google Gears Firefox addon. This can be great news unless you are running 64-big linux. There is not an official release of Google Gears of 64-bit linux. There is, however, an unofficial and totally sweet build available. The builder does a great job of staying up to date with the builds usually within a release or two of the official builds. If you travel or just like to handle email and such when offline, this can be a great help. Enjoy!


Fun Wolfram Alpha Queries

I was just introduced to Wolfram Alpha earlier this week and am already enamored. Below are some interesting queries that were shown to me.

General Information

Standard Math


Air Flow




Genealogy & Names


For even crazier queries, take a look at Something Awful.